Unleash the Power of DVB-S2X

Wednesday 21 September 2016
Unleash the Power of DVB-S2X
The Newtec team has had a pioneering role in the application of the new DVB-S2X standard


Since its release in 2014, the DVB-S2X standard has provided the industry with vastly increased efficiency and profitability. Having been key to its development, our Newtec team has had a pioneering role in the application of the standard, utilizing it in its modems and modulators ever since.

DVB-S2X vs DVB-S2The improved efficiency it provides has given the satellite industry the opportunity for increased profitability and growth throughout a broad range of applications, particularly when combined in a platform with multiservice capabilities such as Newtec Dialog®.

Let's dive into first Newtec deployments around the world:


A Tier 1 mobile operator in Latin America wanted to connect the 4G enB base station on one of the islands to its core network on the mainland through a satellite connection. The traffic was already exceeding 100 Mbps with significant growth planned. The operator could deploy this large trunk over MEO or more traditional GEO satellites, but the financial aspect was very important.
The Newtec MDM6000 with DVB-S2X and Bandwidth Cancellation proposed by Newtec’s certified business partner Axesat provided the utmost efficiency with very low latency. This allowed the mobile operator to leverage a competitive GEO satellite by reaching the target price point per Mbps with the highest availability and performance.



Maritime communication is another area in which DVB-S2X can support impressive gains. EMC, a leading maritime VSAT provider based in Miramar, Florida, is deploying Newtec’s MDM6000 Satellite Modems with DVB-S2X on some of the world’s largest cruise ships and super yachts. Today’s cruising passengers and super yacht guests expect the same level of Internet and entertainment access they have at home, often requiring up to 100Mbps per vessel.

Newtec’s MDM6000 with DVB-S2X allows EMC to maximize the benefits of next-generation High-Throughput Satellites and deliver more bandwidth with the highest levels of efficiency and performance to meet this demand.

Earlier this year, Newtec also announced the addition of DVB-S2X and several mobility enhancements to its Newtec Dialog multiservice platform.


Another example of where DVB-S2X has provided greater efficiency is in distribution networks. Newtec was selected by Huawei Technologies to roll out its MCX7000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway to upgrade a DVB-T2 primary distribution network with hundreds of sites. Newtec is working together with its certified business partner Richcrown in China to deploy all equipment and additional services. All Newtec gateways will be using the latest DVB satellite transmission standard, DVB-S2X, guaranteeing higher efficiency gains with advanced transmission technologies.

Last but not least, the multistream functionality allows Huawei to concentrate the transmission in one single carrier per transponder only. As a result, additional OPEX-decreasing technologies can be applied, like the Newtec Equalink® pre-distortion technology. On top of this, less equipment is needed to handle the services at remote sites.

DVB-S2X Demos at IBC 2016

During IBC 2016, the industry has seen dedicated DVB-S2X demos at the DVB booth, where Newtec was involved with several modulators, modems and gateways together with Broadcom and SatixFy.

DVB-S2X Demo Stakeholders at IBC 2016
Stakeholders of DVB's DVB-S2X demos at IBC 2016 show - "DVB-S2X: Coming Home Soon"

What was the key part of the demos?

A UHD TV service was transmitted over a typical 36 MHz channel using a Newtec DVB-S2X modulator connected to a Broadcom DVB-S2X prototype set-top box and displayed on a Panasonic TV; a typical DTH scenario where audio and video is encapsulated in an MPEG Transport Stream (TS).

In parallel, the same video signal was treated as a data signal and encapsulated in the Generic Streaming Encapsulation (DVB-GSE) format. The resulting DVB-S2X signal was delivered to a consumer type data modem based on the SatixFy S2X transmit/receive chipset. The TS over Ethernet output signal was converted to an input signal for a Panasonic TV. In the background a Newtec DVB-S2X modulator was connected to a measurement receiver presenting the constellation diagram on a small display.