WANTED ALIVE: Your Oldest Newtec Equipment

Tuesday 14 July 2015
WANTED ALIVE: Your Oldest Newtec Equipment


Trip Down Memory Lane

Since 1985 our dedicated team of specialists has set industry standards. This year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary and would like to invite you joining our trip down memory lane

We are searching for the oldest working Newtec equipment out in the field:

  • Do you have an old (and still working) Newtec device in your teleport, NOC or any other facility?
  • Are you working on a project with a very old installed Newtec device(s)?

… then let us know and join the fun!

Quickly complete the following information before August 15th, 2015 and we’ll contact you.

Newtec colleagues can not join this campaign, but positively influence their customers ;-)  .

UPDATE, 15th of August
Thanks a lot for your contribution! We are analyzing your submissions and will come back shortly with our "Wanted Alive" winner.

UPDATE, 5th of October

With so many entries, knowing there could only be one winner was tough but, as promised, we revealed the longest functioning product during our anniversary event at IBC2015, moderated by our CEO Serge Van Herck. Read about the winners and more in our article "Sweet Success". 


Thanks for any contribution!

Newtec #AliveSince85



Randall Comm wrote

Nothing as old as "The Beginning Time" but we have a pile 2003-vintage ASI Concentrators/Deconcentrators in our studios and microwave towers doing stout duty as ASI distribution nodes. They have seen the worst conditions: Bugs, dust, raging heat during HVAC failures, humidity, freezing cold (HVAC repaired), lightning. Basically the worst field conditions aside from an open roof that equipment typically faces. They just chug along, dutifully, if not happily.

Jose Abreu rocha wrote

Unfortunatelly we only use NEWTEC equipment from 2008 onwards, therefore we regret to say we don't have such nice/old equipment :-)

Congratulations for the aniversary !