MBC Adopts MENOS HD for Sports and more

MBC Adopts MENOS HD for Sports and more

Newtec news Monday 22 April 2013

Free-to-air pan-Arab news and entertainment broadcaster MBC has adopted ASBU-MENOS HD for broadcasting sports. As it turns out, other departments within MBC are now looking to take full advantage of the technology for breaking news and more. Yazid Mouaki Benani, Head of Sports at MBC Group, gives his thoughts on the ASBU-MENOS HD system.


Why Did MBC Acquire the ASBU-MENOS Terminal?

Yazid Mouaki Benani: The vast majority of our partner TV stations in the region that we receive feeds from are using ASBU-MENOS equipment already. So having access to the content via the same system makes perfect sense for us. As many as 20 of the client companies and TV stations we deal with use ASBU-MENOS.

Also, ASBU broadcasts almost all live sports via MENOS – this was a great incentive for us to choose the system. Everyone at MBC is very happy with it.

What Do You First Use the Terminal for?

Yazid Mouaki Benani: We are using the terminal to broadcast sporting events like the Asian Football Leagues. The use of the ASBU-MENOS system has also been expanded into other areas at MBC and is being used for breaking news reports. With the Arab Spring, every day there are breaking news reports coming from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Algeria etc… Every one of these news reports now comes to us through ASBU-MENOS. It has taken time to educate all areas of the business of the benefits of the ASBU-MENOS system, but different sections of the TV station are now beginning to see great value in it.

Are You Considering Using ASBU-MENOS Flyaway Terminals in the Future?

Yazid Mouaki Benani: MBC is a group with multiple departments. Currently we are using alternative technology, but the quality and efficiency of ASBU-MENOS is excellent. I think now that we have one terminal it is only a matter of time before many other parts of the business understand the benefits. Before we had ASBU-MENOS there were practical challenges associated with receiving all of the feeds we required but now with ASBU-MENOS, we have been able to extend the amount of live breaking news we can broadcast as well as the number of live sports we can cover.

Yazid Mouaki Benani, Head of Sports at MBC Group

Yazid Mouaki Benani
Head of Sports at MBC Group