The Marvelous World of VSAT

The Marvelous World of VSAT
Ambulance equipped with Satellite Connectivity at X2Nsat

Newtec news Tuesday 3 September 2013

VSAT, by its very nature, can be used in all sorts of locations and for some amazing applications.

We thought bringing you some of the more interesting projects deploying Newtec technology around the world.
After all, VSAT is not just for homes and offices, as you will soon see.

California Dreaming          

Ambulances and police cars are just two cases of how X2nSat, an  enterprise/government-specific solution provider in the US, has made it possible for broadband to be on the move in emergency services vehicles.

Navajo Police Department, whose police trucks are some of the first to have an auto-acquire/VoIP package installed, chose to install the technology to increase innovation and creativity which leads to efficiency and effectiveness of their law enforcement strategies.

Banking in Africa

In 2006, a small team completed a report setting forth a business case for using satellite technology for financial transactions in Africa.

As a result, SatADSL, a European satellite service operator seated in Brussels, Belgium, began implementing satellite as a solution for financial institutions across Africa.

The Newtec technology is now being used to power communications behind ATMs, VPNs, Money Transfer and Corporate Networks.

So Fast it Yurts

Rusat is providing VSAT to yurts in the mountains of Altay in Russia, Northwest of Mongolia, utilizing Newtec’s MDM2200 terminals.

Pictured you can see a Sat3Play VSAT terminal enabling fast Internet access via satellite alongside DTH TV dishes.