Company Newsletter March 2016

Company Newsletter March 2016

Newsletter Friday 4 March 2016




Welcome to this new edition of Newtec News – packed full of the latest developments and industry insight from our experts. Having celebrated our 30th anniversary last year, 2016 marks an important time for Newtec as we continue to grow, entering new markets and expanding our product portfolio, enabling you to offer better services.



Moving Towards Mobility

With the next-generation of High Throughput Satellites (HTS) bringing abundant capacity and much better economics, our satellite industry is entering an exciting era. This is particularly true for the demanding high-end mobility market, which will see some of the most dramatic benefits. Cruise ships, super yachts, oil and gas rigs and government vessels have been pushing the limits of existing satellite platforms for some time now, with bandwidth-hungry users on board consuming hundreds of megabits of satellite capacity as they move around the world. These high-end vessels previously had to rely on low-end MF-TDMA services or expensive SCPC circuits that lacked the performance and flexibility to fully meet their needs but now, with our latest Mx-DMA™ technology and the advent of HTS, new opportunities are emerging.

Perfecting our Portfolio

In order for us to better support this mobility sector, we have made major additions to our Newtec Dialog® platform solution:

Those of you who know us will be familiar with our track record of technology firsts (efficiency and speed) in the industry and our brand new MDM5000 modem continues this tradition. This modem is the first VSAT modem to support DVB-S2X on the market and in its initial configuration is capable of receiving wideband carriers up to 140 MHz, with throughputs exceeding 200 Mbps. On the return channel, it supports SCPC, MF-TDMA and Mx-DMA, up to an impressive 75 Mbps.

Newtec’s unique Mx-DMA delivers the efficiency of SCPC with the dynamic bandwidth allocation capabilities of MF-TDMA. This offers more than 50% bandwidth savings. 

With the latest insertion of the MDM5000 into our Newtec Dialog modem pyramid, as we call it, Newtec offers a full range of modems and three return technologies, which ensure the optimal solution for every application and price point.

Sitting alongside this, is the Newtec Dialog 1.3 mobility software release, with new features including DVB-S2X on the forward link, Layer 2 bridging and a protocol to enable communication with antenna control units for automatic beam switching.

Remembering our Roots

Amidst this growth, we remain committed to the broadcast sector which began our journey to the company we are today.

Through Equalink® 3 – our linear and non-linear predistortion technology – we have created a game changer for the broadcast industry, with the technology allowing, for example, the insertion of up to 15% more channels in a Direct-to-Home (DTH) transponder. I am proud to see several customers worldwide reporting that they benefit from a very short return on investment and increased customer satisfaction after switching to this latest Newtec technology.

With so much going on, we look forward to seeing what else 2016 holds for both our company, partner networks and the industry. 

Enjoy the read.

Best regards,

Serge Van Herck
Serge Van Herck, CEO Newtec