Company Newsletter March 2017

Company Newsletter March 2017

Newsletter Thursday 2 March 2017


Welcome to the latest edition of Newtec News, full of all the latest industry developments and insight from our experts. It has been an exciting start to 2017 for Newtec and we look forward to sharing some of our recent success with you in this newsletter.



Let me start by thanking all of you for your kind words in reaction to my recent appointment as Newtec's CEO. Enjoy this letter to you.

Negotiating the Storm

As the satellite industry continues to evolve, it finds itself in uncharted waters. Customer behavior is changing at a more rapid rate than ever and everyone in the satellite value chain is having to adapt their offerings accordingly to avoid getting left behind.

The way forward is – as always – unforeseeable. In this unpredictable environment, it is essential to find your islands of truth, because even the most complex and uncertain environments can provide key strategic touchpoints as these choppy waters are navigated.

The key is to be flexible. There will always be the requirement to optimize your costs and use your experience, but the shifting environment dictates that this experience will act as a guiding hand on the route to success, rather than providing an unchangeable roadmap.

NewsletterBridging the Divide

As the world becomes increasingly connected, broadband Internet has gone from being a luxury to a valuable and essential utility. Not having it can cause large areas to be cut off from the digital revolution that is happening across the globe, stifling their potential for development.

To combat this, community solutions are being increasingly deployed across areas where terrestrial connectivity is sparse or non-existent, enabling greater amounts of people to access vital online services that can improve their quality of life. Creating these solutions is not only vital for end-users, but also for operators, with a reliable, easy-to-install and affordable community solution negating the need for mobile infrastructure or individual VSAT terminals.

Solutions like these are essential for areas such as education, where not being able to access essential tools can have a long-lasting and detrimental impact.

You can read more about the trend towards community Wi-Fi solutions and how satellite connectivity can benefit education later in this newsletter.

Completing the Portfolio

This newsletter also introduces some exciting new Newtec products (direct link to this story), bringing flexible, scalable and efficient Satcom solutions to you and your customers. The new DVB-S2X wideband XIF Newtec Dialog® Hub and MDM2210 IP Satellite Modem, for example, enable high carrier rates for small to multiservice High Throughput Satellite (HTS) and global networks, allowing operators to take advantage of HTS with ground technology that is on a par in terms of performance and efficiency.

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Warm regards,


Thomas Van den Driessche, CEO of Newtec