Company Newsletter March 2018

Company Newsletter March 2018

Newsletter Tuesday 13 March 2018


Welcome to the first Newtec News of 2018 – full of the latest innovations happening in our satellite industry today. As we continue into this year, the breakthroughs detailed in this newsletter never fail to make me proud of Newtec and the whole industry.

From providing exceptional broadband at high sea and in the sky, to monetizing High Throughput Satellite (HTS) networks and continuing to set efficiency highs in broadcast, technology is enabling new possibilities to meet our customers’ needs.




Powering the Present

This innovation is all the more remarkable when taking into account the uncertainty surrounding many of the players in satellite at the moment. It is true that today’s industry is not the healthiest it has been and there are challenges to overcome. Combined with this is a focus on the future and all of the great new things we can expect in years to come; Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and even self-driving cars are drawing much of our attention.

At Newtec, we too are involved in these forward-looking initiatives – but the majority of our resources are dedicated to how we can help our customers be economically viable in the present and ensuring we are positively impacting communities today.

NewsletterTomorrow’s Technology Today

You will read about many of these solutions in this newsletter – and more importantly about the end-users they are benefiting; your customers.

Today, the ultimate goal of providing ubiquitous coverage is already on its way to being realized, with Wi-Fi hotspots providing connectivity to entire villages and cellular backhaul for 4G helping mobile operators deliver on Universal Service Obligations.

Out at sea, our maritime customers’ businesses have been boosted by highspeed broadband with excellent Quality of Service and Quality of Experience, enabled by HTS-optimized technology which supports higher data rates and seamless beam switching.

And in broadcast, providing the UHD programming customers are demanding is becoming more cost-effective, thanks to new technologies that make delivering this more efficient than ever before.

Prepare for the Future, Focus on the Now

These achievements are happening in spite of the challenges faced by our industry – and this is being done by focusing on the now.

By adopting this strategy we are making a significant difference to peoples’ lives and businesses. By doing the same and looking at the solutions available to them today, the industry can become profitable and create a more positive future.

We hope you enjoy the read!



Warm regards,


Thomas Van den Driessche, CEO of Newtec