Company Newsletter September 2016

Company Newsletter September 2016

Newsletter Wednesday 21 September 2016




Welcome to the latest edition of Newtec News, full of the latest industry insights and developments from our experts. This year has proven to be an exciting time for Newtec and our customers so far and we look forward to sharing our latest successes with you.



Capitalizing on HTS Growth

As the satellite industry continues to develop at a rapid pace, the increase of capacity supply across all markets and verticals is driving new developments and technological breakthroughs.

The combination of innovations in multiservice platforms, such as very high throughput modems and innovative high rate modulation and bandwidth allocation, combined with the increased capacity and performance provided by High Throughput Satellites (HTS) enable service providers to capitalize on highvalue markets such as maritime connectivity and cellular backhaul. In these markets in particular, the ability to marry reliability and efficiency is paramount, as operators are under pressure to extend their services in the most cost-effective way possible while satisfying the ever-increasing demands of the end-customers.

In addition, HTSs are instrumental for the delivery of the more traditional VSAT services such as broadband and enterprise connectivity and are starting to play a larger role in the delivery of services for the broadcast market.

It is really exciting to see our Newtec Dialog® multiservice platform demonstrating its flexibility across so many different markets for a wide range of customers and applications.

Setting the Standard

The DVB-S2X standard continues to play a huge role in Newtec’s modems and modulators, as it has since its release in 2014. The improved efficiency it brings provides the industry with an opportunity for increased profitability and growth across a broad range of applications.

Combined with other advanced transmission technologies such as Equalink® pre-distortion technology and DVB multistream operation, the optimization provided by DVB-S2X can give customers double the capacity at the same OPEX.

The continued enhancements enabled by DVB-S2X have provided many of our customers with real improvements in efficiency and profitability, a source of real pride. Specific examples of DVB-S2X success stories are described in this newsletter.

Mobility Meets Efficiency

This newsletter also carries details of Newtec Dialog, Release 1.3, which is designed to expand the reach of your VSAT services and bring the benefits of the latest DVB-S2X standard to your customers. With support for the new MDM5000 Satellite Modem, Layer 2 bridging and mobility support, the new release represents another real step forward.

Combined with Newtec’s unique Mx-DMA® technology - which enables MF-TDMA flexibility and on-demand variable bandwidth allocation at SCPC efficiencies - Release 1.3 will support rates up to 75 Mbps in the return using shared capacity. 

Developments such as these and the latest releases of the MCX7000 and the MDM6100 Broadcast Satellite Modem illustrate the continued growth and innovation at Newtec and we look forward to seeing what the rest of 2016 holds for our company, our partners and the industry.

Enjoy the read. Warm regards, 


Serge Van Herck
Serge Van Herck, CEO Newtec