Company Newsletter September 2017

Company Newsletter September 2017

Newsletter Wednesday 13 September 2017


Welcome to the latest edition of Newtec News, full of all the latest updates and industry insight from our experts. 2017 has been a great year for Newtec so far and we’re looking forward to working together with you, providing solutions to meet your and your customers’ needs.




Innovation on the Ground

There is a great deal of excitement around the satellite industry at present. Major technological disruptions are happening all the time, with the increasing number of launch missions and the potential for rocket reuse cutting the total cost of satellite ownership. At the same time the number of Gbps per euro or dollar spent on each payload is increasing rapidly.

However, an important factor to remember is this innovation in space must be matched on the ground. If the ground segment doesn’t keep pace with the fast-moving High Throughput Satellite (HTS) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) technologies, we as an industry will never realize their full potential impact. It is Newtec’s role to leverage these changes and make sure the modem technology remains performant at a time where others may consider the ground segment as the weakest link in the value chain.

NewsletterInnovation in our Behavior

Alongside the excitement around technological advances, the satellite industry is also driven by how we and future generations use bandwidth and content every day. Our hunger for bandwidth and speed to consume information, news and entertainment are clear motives for current product evolutions.

This demand and diversification in data requirements is the prevailing wind behind the move towards next generation modems as part of multiservice platforms that can adjust and scale to the requirements of the deployment.

Ahead of the Curve

Throughout all of this, Newtec’s focus is to continue to answer the difficult questions in the satellite industry, enabling businesses to perform at their best today and preparing them for the developments of the future, delivering what people need before they know they want it.

The broadcast industry is one such area where service providers are identifying a need to future-proof their workflows as operations move towards all-IP setups. You can read more later in this newsletter about how Newtec is already delivering tomorrow’s broadcasts, today.

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Thomas Van den Driessche, CEO of Newtec