New Company Newsletter March 2014

New Company Newsletter March 2014

Newsletter Monday 10 March 2014

Welcome to this new edition of Newtec NEWS!


Main Topics of this March 2014 Edition are:

Meet Newtec Dialog®
2014 will be a significant year for Newtec. Even though we are innovative, we do not launch new products and platforms every day. After years of research and development we have created a new efficient, flexible and scalable platform called Newtec Dialog®. These are the traits that we believe are most important today in order to thrive. Our new platform, seen for the first time at SATELLITE in Washington D.C. and CABSAT in Dubai, embraces change by allowing satellite service providers to build their business to the size they need, while also allowing them to adapt their infrastructure easily as their business or the market changes.
New Technologies
We are also excited about our new patented return link technology, Mx-DMA™, which is set to make significant efficiency improvements.

Arrival of DVB-S2X
Next to being innovative, we’ve always been a huge fan of standardization. That’s why we have been actively paving the way for the brand new DVBS2X standard. Since DVB published DVB-S2 in 2005, the satellite industry has changed remarkably. Find out inside how the new standard will improve your operations, what benefits you can expect and for which applications.
Major New Partnerships
We are pleased to deploy for the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) our latest satellite broadcasting solutions as part of its major pan-European news exchange network. This is just one of a number of new projects outlined within these pages, including a new satellite powered tablet to provide affordable educational resources to the world’s remote and developing communities. Other projects see broadband delivery expansion and the building of the world’s biggest broadcast control center in the Middle East.