New Company Newsletter September 2014

New Company Newsletter September 2014

Newsletter Thursday 16 October 2014

Dear Business Partners,

Welcome to the latest edition of Newtec News – out just in time for IBC 2014. This newsletter marks an exciting time for Newtec as we announce new projects, partners, products and technologies to help lead the satellite industry into a new era of faster and more efficient satellite communications.

Meet Newtec Dialog®

The launch of Newtec Dialog has made 2014 a seminal year for Newtec. As the culmination of years of research and development, we believe the new platform contains all the traits broadcasters and service providers need in order to thrive in today’s market flexibility, scalability and efficiency. With Newtec Dialog, they can increase their operational efficiency and easily adapt their infrastructure to business or market changes. Meanwhile our new patented return technology, Mx-DMA™ incorporates the best features of MF-TDMA and SCPC technologies, solving the difficult choice of selecting one or the other. First seen at SATELLITE show in Washington and CABSAT in Dubai, Newtec Dialog had its European launch at IBC in Amsterdam.

Major New Partnerships

Even before its European launch, we are delighted to announce that Airbus Defence and Space has chosen Newtec Dialog for its Terralink satellite connectivity service portfolio, which delivers reliable satellite connectivity to a large range of enterprise customers, including those operating in the humanitarian, mining and energy sectors. We have also signed a multimillion euro deal with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to deploy our satellite broadcasting solutions as part of its major pan-European news exchange network. These are just two of a number of new projects Newtec is involved in, which demonstrate our technology leadership role in both broadband and broadcast solutions.

Adoption of DVB-S2X

Of course, our new projects feature the latest modem and modulation technologies – including the brand new transmission standard DVB-S2X. Launched just a few months ago in February, DVB-S2X provides a much needed update to the 2005 standard, DVB-S2, and is already available today on a range of Newtec products including our modulators, demodulators and modems.

Increasing Satisfaction

Also inside this edition are the results from our latest customer satisfaction survey. Compared to last year we are happy to notice a further increase of their general satisfaction! We are constantly striving to bring new technological innovations to our customers and this further increase in the general satisfaction rating confirms we are delivering the solutions they need in order to successfully grow their operations.

Enjoy the read! Warm regards,


Serge Van Herck
Serge Van Herck
Chief Executive Officer. Newtec