Important Issues Facing the Industry: Executive Dialogue Series by WTA

Important Issues Facing the Industry: Executive Dialogue Series by WTA

Newtec in the press Friday 3 July 2015

Randall Barney, Membership Director of the World Teleport Association (WTA) has interviewed our CEO, CCO and VP Asia as part of WTA's Executive Dialogue series called "Important Issues Facing the Industry Today"

One Company, 3 Interviews with CEO, CCO and VP Asia

Founded in 1985, Newtec is today one of the world’s top players. In particular, Newtec’s specialization in Research and Development (R&D) paved the way to its extensive portfolio of innovations, partnerships, standardizations and industry recognition.

It's your choice now to select one of the following 3 interviews to hear our CEO, CCO and VP Asia talking about:

Technologies that Create Opportunities

with Serge Van Herck, CEO of Newtec

   ► Watch Serge's interview

  • Technology innovations that have made the biggest difference
  • How technologies create opportunities, reduce costs or help manage complexity
  • The most important transformation in the next two years 
  • Product/innovation wishlist for next few years

Thomas Video

Understanding your Customer’s Business

with Thomas Van den Driessche, CCO of Newtec

    ► Watch Thomas' interview

  • What it means to know your customer
  • How to make knowledge of the customer a company asset 
  • How to apply lessons from one customer to a whole set of customers
Providing the Total Customer Solution

with Mario Querner, VP Asia of Newtec

    ► Watch Mario's interview

  • Definition of a total solution
  • Value and challenges 
  • Advices to move from providing individual services or products into providing total solutions
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