BroadcastAsia Show Daily (Day 2): "Newtec effectively increases bandwidth efficiency"

BroadcastAsia Show Daily (Day 2): "Newtec effectively increases bandwidth efficiency"

Newtec in the press Wednesday 27 June 2018

The broadcast industry is facing a host of challenges which are only set to increase.
Today’s audiences expect to see and hear about newsworthy events immediately, as it’s happening, meaning newsrooms have to take this fresh from the scene, and straight to the viewer with little lag time. Versatile and innovative, Newtec’s MCX7000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway can be used for efficient distribution and contribution broadcast applications. With the introduction of new features, the gateway is having its industry premiere and taking centre stage.

This dense platform is able to function as a quadruple modulator or modem with dual demodulators, ideal where density and power consumption is at stake, while the optional Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption of the baseband frames gives full protection for closed networks. With future-thinking technologies built in, the MXC7000 is paving the way to providing customers with the Ultra-High Definition (UHD) programming they demand, in a cost-effective and efficient way. The platform can increase bandwidth efficiency by up to 51 percent, with Channel Bonding being one method of optimisation. Using DVB-S2X, this technique splits a large transport stream into two or three parts over the satellite, circumventing the bandwidth limitation of a standard Ku-band transponder. It then recomposes it on the receiver side, combining multiple carriers into one, making it large enough to maintain the efficiency gain of statistical multiplexers on a bouquet of UHD channels. In a 1:1 multi-modulator redundancy set-up, with single carrier switching under supervision of a Newtec USS0202 Redundancy Switching Unit, the MXC7000 is a broadcaster’s best bet for dense DTH uplink stations.

For broadcasters challenged with delivering tomorrow’s content today and the rising demands of keen consumers, utilising costeffective and future-proof solutions such as the MXC7000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway guarantees high-quality broadcasting when it’s needed the most.

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