Business Agility, a Key Ingredient for Successful Business Models

Business Agility, a Key Ingredient for Successful Business Models

Newtec in the press Tuesday 15 April 2014

The best way to meet the changes to today's satellite industry, being driven by technological innovations, socio-political dynamism and economic uncertainty, is to improve agility and increase adaptability to market and technology changes. The fulfilment of these key requirements, in combination with the extension of service portfolio offerings, will lead to profitable growth.

In this feature Satellite Evolution has asked Koen Willems, Market Director at Newtec, to look in detail at the satellite market in context, including the challenges satellite service providers and end-users are facing today and tomorrow:

  • Challenge 1: users expect higher speeds and higher data volumes
  • Challenge 2: users expect to pay less for more
  • Challenge 3: the market and technology complexity is ever increasing
  • Challenge 4: connectivity anywhere anytime

Also read about why we believe that the adoption of a multiservice satellite communications approach is the key. Further read three main principles: Flexibility, Scalability and Efficiency.

Read the full feature in Satellite Evolution's Business Agility article (March/April 2014 issue).