Connecting the Unconnected via Satellite: From Mobiles to Money

Connecting the Unconnected via Satellite: From Mobiles to Money
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Newtec in the press Thursday 2 November 2017

Providing ubiquitous, always-on broadband in rural and hard-to-reach areas can be challenging but is essential to ensure consumers and businesses can access vital services that people in more urban parts of the world now take for granted.

With a vast geographical footprint, Africa is an area where Internet Service Providers (ISPs) face difficulties connecting their customers via terrestrial infrastructure, such as fiber, which would be both logistically complex to deploy and not economically justifiable for many countries on the continent. Here, satellite-based solutions provide the answer – but with service providers having to meet demand from business and residential customers for multiple services, this can lead to complex infrastructures with high OpEx.

In order to ensure they serve their customers in an efficient way, operators should consider migrating their operations to one multiservice platform to allow them to serve numerous markets at the same time and grow their network with their business.

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