CSI Magazine: Talking Ka-band

CSI Magazine: Talking Ka-band

Newtec in the press Wednesday 22 May 2013

CSI spoke to Thomas Van den Driessche, Newtec’s VP Market Strategy, about the challenges and opportunities facing satellite Ka-band service in Europe and elsewhere


Read Thomas' 7 Answers to the following questions asked in the CSI May/June issue:

  • What are the pros of Ka-band apart from the fact that it extends satellite capacity within the existing footprint?

  • What are the biggest business opportunities relating to Ka-band in Europe, both from Newtec’s perspective and that of your customers?

  • The original perception of Ka-band was that it would be more for high speed Internet than TV. Has this changed and if so why?

  • Is Ka-band now being envisaged for TV and if so which type of services? What future does it have here?

  • The perception that Ka-band is susceptible to rain is surely not false, because water absorbs radiation much more in those wavelengths above 26.5 GHz? 
    So is it the case that mitigation techniques have reduced this effect?

  • Is antenna size and cost still a constraint for consumer applications?

  • What are the prospects for Ka-band for consumer broadband? And what are the constraints and opportunities?

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