Ka-Band: A Game Changer?

Ka-Band: A Game Changer?

Newtec in the press Wednesday 18 December 2013

SVS shared with his customers and partners in its November e-newsletter a general view on Ka-Band satcom technologies. SVS's newsletter includes articles from Eutelsat, Newtec and Martin Telekom corporations about Ka-Band services.

Offering a higher bandwidth service and potentially lower data transmission costs, Ka-band satellite has been hailed as a game changer. But is it the cure-all wonder solution that will make high-speed satellite capacity available, affordable and practical? Iouri Belooussov, Newtec’s Regional Sales Director says yes and no.

Read Iouri's article "Ka-Band: A Game Changer?online including the following topics:

  • Ka vs. Ku
  • Ka-band: The Downside
  • How Can Ka-band Be Used?
  • What Does Ka-band Mean for the VSAT Industry?