Milsat Magazine: Year in Review 2017

Milsat Magazine: Year in Review 2017

Newtec in the press Monday 18 December 2017


Newtec can safely say that 2017 brought a continuation of the worldwide events that started in the pivotal year of 2016, with the Western world seeing a growth in security concerns. 

As a concequence, government and defense budgets have been increased to face upcoming threats and natural or man-made disasters. Newtec is pleased to be able to contribute to making the world a safer place by introducing innovative and disruptive satellite communication technology. 

Koen Willems, Market Director for Government, Humanitarian and Defense at Newtec, provides an overview of all happened in 2017 and an outlook on 2018 in the current issue of Milsat Magazine. Read Koen's article: "recon: A Year in Review: Part II" online in Milsat Magazine or download the pdf extract here.

2018 looks to be exciting and promising from a business and product development point of view. the importance of having an efficient, flexible and affordable VSAT platform is key for today's and tomorrow's government and defense operations. Through company expertise and cooperation with government and defense customers, Newtec remains committed in 2018 to achieving a safer, informed and more connected world.