MilsatMagazine: Five Steps towards Efficient Peacekeeping Operations

MilsatMagazine: Five Steps towards Efficient Peacekeeping Operations

Newtec in the press Wednesday 23 March 2016

Peacekeeping, conflict or crisis management missions operate in the most dangerous and difficult environments in the world.

Koen Willems, Market Director for Government and Defense at Newtec, shares 5 steps towards efficient peacekeeping operations in the March 2016 issue of MilsatMagazine (online version – extract of PDF magazine).

Peacekeeping involves multiple nations, organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that need to work together to resolve the crisis or conflict. The campaign can range from military intervention into a conflict to guiding the peace process, supporting elections and economic and social development. We also must not forget the coordination of the refugee flows caused by the conflict and provision appropriate humanitarian assistance.

• The complexity of the peacekeeping operation is directly reflected in the complexity of the satcom network.

• The VSAT platform will require the flexibility, scalability and efficiency to embrace the complexity of peacekeeping operations.

• Steps towards Efficiency:

  1. Industry Leading Efficiency
  2. Seamless Real-time Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
  3. Highest Availability at Minimal Cost
  4. Optimized SWaP-C for Remote Satcom Terminals
  5. Unmatched Operational Efficiency

Read more in detail in the magazine: online version – extract of PDF magazine