Newtec at Convergence India 2016

Newtec at Convergence India 2016

Newtec in the press Thursday 21 January 2016

Meet Newtec: Solutions for Multiservice Broadcast, Mobile Backhaul, HTS and more

The Convergence India Show Dailies came to interview Pravin Tembhare, Regional Sales Support Manager, based in New Delhi.

Tell us about your company and its vision?

Pravin Tembhare: As a specialist in designing, developing and manufacturing satellite communications equipment and technologies, Newtec is a company which has championed innovation since it was founded in 1985 and today we are continuing to break barriers. 

Our products include modulators, modems, redundancy switches, frequency converters, gateways, combiners, network optimization units and hubs, with our solutions addressing challenges in the following segments within the broadcast vertical market:

  • Direct-to-Home (DTH) broadcast
  • Direct-to-Transmission Tower (DTT)
  • Distribution to local head ends
  • Fixed contribution
  • Satellite News Gathering (SNG)
  • MultiService BroadCast (MSBC) Networks

In addition, we cater for: 

  • Cellular backhaul and trunking
  • Consumer and enterprise VSAT
  • Government and defense
  • Mobility offshore and maritime.
What were the key factors that have contributed to the success of the company? 

PT: Speed and efficiency have long been the cornerstones of our products and we are proud to have previously broken several speed barriers and demonstrated our industry-leading spectral efficiency

Last year, we were able to take that a step further and achieved a world first by smashing the magical 10 bits per second per Hz barrier by demonstrating 20Mbps into 2MHz. Maximizing transmission efficiency has always been a priority for Newtec and is increasingly important as satellite operators and service providers look to launch new services while delivering higher performance and improved economics for their customers. 

In regards to efficiency, we are particularly focused on pushing the limits of spectral efficiency, with the introduction of technologies like wideband, DVB-S2X, our patented new bandwidth allocation Mx-DMA™, Bandwidth Cancellation, and linear and non-linear pre-distortion Equalink® 3, which can for example insert up to 15% more channels in a DTH carrier – all of which aim to help Newtec’s customers keep up with the insatiable demand for more bandwidth at lower costs. 

While transmission efficiency is important, reliability is essential. Our roots in mission critical services, such as TV broadcast and high-speed trunking, means equipment must be built to last

How do you differentiate your company from the other players operating in the same segment? 

PT: When two passionate engineers started Newtec in 1985, they aimed to create a pioneering satellite communication equipment company, with a strong focus on innovation. Our subsequent successes have not only adhered to their vision but also act as a signpost for us to continue shaping the future of our industry. With a team of more than 300 passionate colleagues around the world, we must continue to strive for innovation to ensure we remain a technology leader for many years to come.

What are your expectations from India as a market?

PT:  Looking firstly at the broadcast sector, as broadcasters operating today face an increasing number of challenges – including more complex workflows, the introduction of new services, increased user expectation for always on connectivity and pressure on efficiency in both the ground and space segments – there is a growing demand on them to reduce OPEX.

This has led to the need for a single scalable, flexible multiservice IP-based platform. With such a platform, broadcasters’ OPEX and CAPEX challenges addressed, while ensuring they remain agile to enable new satellite services in an ever changing world. 

Gone are the days when a satellite platform will be used for one purpose!

Gone are the days when a satellite platform will be used for one purpose!

To give an example, Intelsat recently launched a next-generation MSBC solution called IntelsatOne® Prism, based on Newtec Dialog®, our multiservice platform for broadcast and VSAT. By choosing Newtec Dialog, Intelsat is addressing the increasing pressure on media companies to meet the demands of a “television everywhere” society, as well as the challenges posed by the growing complexity of workflow management. 

In addition to efficiency, scalability and flexibility, Newtec Dialog enables the automation of broadcast workflows and effective usage of available hardware and bandwidth resources. A sophisticated resource scheduling and workflow automation engine reduces costs, saves time and allows broadcasters to rapidly enable new services as the market evolves.

This topic is of great interest for India, and the Conference Chairman has invited us to address Multiservice Broadcast Networks in the Convergence India Conference.

With the flexibility of the Newtec Dialog platform, it is achieved through the implementation of Newtec’s Mx-DMA bandwidth allocation. This brings together the best features of MF-TDMA and SCPC technologies, making services more bandwidth efficient for larger customers and enabling services to run more efficiently and reliably than before.

Digital India

Regarding mobile backhaul, connecting the last mile is also becoming more and more important for India and we expect to see significant progress in this market. Mobile operators under increasing pressure to extend their services in rural areas, either because these markets are becoming more mature or governments are now willing to bridge the digital divide and enforce Universal Service Obligation programs. Satellite backhaul is often the only mobile transport available in these remote regions this provides reliability and quick service roll-out, but also increased latency and operational costs. These challenges must be mitigated with the right solutions. 

2G voice is still the main revenue source and primary mobile service deployed; however, 3G (voice and data) and even 4G are now being rolled out. While early satellite backhaul deployments focused on voice only, the landscape has radically changed. Newer habits, mobile technologies and devices are driving forward solutions which have to be the best in efficiency, scalability and flexibility. 

This is another area Newtec Dialog addresses, with Mx-DMA ensuring all traffic is accommodated at each remote base station while efficiently multiplexing the bandwidth between these remotes to decrease the backhaul operating costs. The Mx-DMA access technology also includes a new low latency and highly efficient waveform called HighResCoding™ (HRC). HRC brings a very high granularity in MODCODs so that the highest transmission efficiency and link availability is achieved at any moment in time. 

As mobile backhaul is a very prominent topic, we will also be sharing our insights with other leading players via a backhaul conference session at the Convergence India Conference.

How do you see the industry developing in the future? 

PT:  Over the last few years, the continued growth of High Throughput Satellite (HTS) has been a key driver in our product development strategy. The many HTSs on the horizon – for both India and the wider world – will bring enormous opportunities for operators and service providers alike. However, in order to ensure that all levels of the value chain get the most out of HTS, choosing the right ground segment technology is essential

When we look at the HTS evolution, we also see a trend towards multiservice networks across our industry. Although the majority of VSAT terminals are deployed for consumer broadband, much of the revenue actually comes from high-end applications, like mobility, oil & gas and cellular backhaul. By combining all these applications on a single platform, network operators can maximize economies of scale while diversifying their business.

With a diverse modem portfolio and three return technologies, our Newtec Dialog multiservice platform was specifically designed to address a wide range of applications. 

The Newtec team and I are happy to discuss any satellite communication projects and how we can support with an efficient solution meeting your and your customers’ needs. We are looking forward to meeting you at Convergence India, visit us at booth C20