SatellitePro: Oilfields of the Future

SatellitePro: Oilfields of the Future

Newtec in the press Wednesday 5 April 2017

The slump in oil prices has caused the industry to drastically trim its operational force, with nearly 440,00 people losing their jobs. However, satellite connectivity is not something to skimp on, SatellitePro's experts (including Newtec) say in the April edition of the magazine. 

Kevin's quoteKevin McCarthy shares Newtec's view on this subject. You can read the full SatellitePro article online or continue to study the following key points we have highlighted for you:

Question: How has better monitoring of pipelines by satellites helped the oil and gas sector? What technology is used for better tracking?

Kevin: Satellite plays a major role in supporting the oil and gas sector by providing reliable monitoring and control for pipelines and mission critical systems. Satellite allows problems to be quickly identified and solved, greatly reducing costs, while maximizing availability and safety.  Our Newtec Dialog platform with cost effective, low-power modems can provide a powerful SCADA solution. 

Question: With the dropping of oil prices, how is the satellite industry being affected? 

Kevin: Most IT departments are under pressure to control costs, even as demand for bandwidth continues to grow as a result of data and crew welfare applications. The key for service providers is to have an offering which minimizes costs, while maximizing availability, efficiency, scalability and flexibility.

Question: How is crew welfare being addressed on rigs as well as oil exploration vessels?

Crews rely on cost effective, dependable, high speed communications to access their preferred Internet services and stay in touch with family and friends. For this, it is vital to have a highly efficient and flexible VSAT platform which minimizes capacity costs and enables service priorities to be adapted on-the-fly, depending on available bandwidth.

Question: What does the industry have to do to enhance the role of satellites in oil & gas

As already mentioned, availability, efficiency, scalability and flexibility is crucial for the oil & gas sector and this can be achieved with a unique combination of Satcom technologies like those onboard our Newtec Dialog® platform. These innovative satellite technologies  can generate bandwidth savings of around 50% and ensure the high availability of the satellite link even in harsh conditions:

In addition, these technologies provide the options of prioritizing services on-the-fly and reliable and efficient datacasting.

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