SatRoundtable Maritime: All Hands on Deck

SatRoundtable Maritime: All Hands on Deck

Newtec in the press Thursday 31 October 2013

End users, service providers, manufacturers; maritime players gathered for the SatellitePro Roundtable and Newtec was one of it. Co-moderator Khaled Mokhtar outlined the discussions, which focussed on current and future challenges, highlighting trends and co-operation. Jeroen Husken, Sales Director Middle East for Newtec, was one of the experts who attended this event which was later covered via the highpoints and principle views.

On the Subject of Maritime Newcomers

The sector has seen some changes recently in the line-up of companies offering services, solutions or products in maritime. Manufacturers and service providers that have traditionally served other verticals are now playing a role in the market. While more services available can increase capabilities and meet a wider range of end-user requirements, systems integration can also become more complex, says Khaled Mokhtar, co-moderator.

Jeroen pointed out, that Newtec has not traditionally been in the maritime sector; started in the broadcast vertical. Nowadays, we provide a wide range of products for broadcast as well as two-way systems for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and share-bandwidth applications. Now, by the success of some of our solutions, we’ve been drawn into the maritime sector, which has quite a few elements that play in our favour. 

Read Jeroen Husken's full quote in the Maritime SatRoundtable: All Hands on Deck on page 23 of the October issue of SatellitePRO.