SSPI: How Satellite Brings You a Better Flight

SSPI: How Satellite Brings You a Better Flight
(c) Flickr Creative Commons, Austrian Airlines; SSPI

Newtec in the press Wednesday 21 June 2017

Satellite technology is getting ready to make your next airplane flight a whole lot better.

SSPI has issued an article bringing more light into this topic on SSPI's (Society of Satellite Professionals International) website. You can also download the article as PDF.

Probably everyone agrees, that delivering high-quality broadband on a fast-moving plane isn’t easy. SSPI continues later in the article, that satellite-powered Wi-Fi systems did not get rave reviews at first, because connections remained slow and spotty.  But innovators like Panasonic Avionics, which has been installing in-flight entertainment technology for decades, also pioneered systems to deliver high-speed Internet access and live television. Panasonic’s 3rd generation platform uses a state-of-the art satellite modem from a Belgian company called Newtec.

Thanks SSPI for this pleasant article.