Teletimes International: Exclusive CEO Interview

Teletimes International: Exclusive CEO Interview

Newtec in the press Wednesday 23 March 2016

Teletimes International’s Chief Editor Khalid Athar has interviewed Newtec’s CEO Serge Van Herck in its March 2016 issue.

Staying on the subject of satellite communications, you will find an exclusive interview, where Serge talks about the journey Newtec has made from a researcher to a competitive satellite communications specialist. He also sheds light upon some latest industry trends and HTS.

This is the full script of all questions asked by Khalid Athar (read all answers in the magazine PDF):

  1. Newtec was originally founded for pure research and development, what factors motivated you to get into production of your research?
  2. Usually researchers are not considered to be successful in commercial ventures. How did you manage this huge commercial success?
  3. How significant is professional management for technological companies who usually are founded by core technical reasoning and motivation?
  4. Where do you see Newtec’s focus in short, medium and long term perspective?
  5. Communication technologies have come a long way. Considering the last few years, what technological innovations have made a significant contribution in the satellite/Fiber services business?
  6. Could you give one or two examples of how these specific technologies created the difference by creating new opportunities, reduced costs or complexities?
  7. What new product or technology do you see arriving in the next couple years?
  8. In your business “know you customer” is even more important and often a competitive edge. How do you go about this, and continue to strengthen this important business aspect?
  9. How does the term “total solution” refers to your business and the markets you serve?
  10. Could you please cite an example of total solution you provide and its value proposition?
  11. How do you overcome the challenges a company faces in providing a total solution as compare to providing a specific service or product?
  12. How do you find Teletimes International?

Thanks Khalid for your interest in Newtec!