HTS - Is there any Future for VSAT Service Providers?

Monday 21 October 2013


With the introduction of the first Ka-band High Throughput Satellites (HTS) in the US and Europe now a few years ago, it becomes clear that VSAT service providers who were traditionally providing services in those regions are now heavily struggling in order to survive this major industry transformation and threat. HTS inherently provide the promise of much lower transmission costs and much higher transmission capacity.

So why is it that such a promising technology is now threatening the existence of those VSAT service providers?

At the VSAT2013 Informa/Comsys Conference in Amsterdam on September 18th, Serge Van Herck, CEO of Newtec, presented his view on how VSAT service providers can transform this threat into a real business opportunity

In a webinar on October 11, Serge Van Herck repeated his presentation showing the 3 options you have that will enable you to transform this threat into a real business opportunity. Through his position as CEO of a leading satcom technology company he has the privilege of being able to provide a unique perspective on this changing market:

  • how the introduction of HTS has changed the traditional business value chain
  • how satellite operators are adapting their product offering
  • which 3 options you have to transform the HTS threat into a real business opportunity

Want to know more about Newtec's solutions that support these 3 options ? check out these pages on this website.

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