Trends, Challenges & Solutions in the Mobility Market

Monday 9 October 2017


The  mobility, offshore and maritime applications nowadays are confronted with increased demand for higher data throughputs to support bandwidth-consuming services such as video conferencing, internet access, VOIP, E-mail and media streaming. These services come on top of the standard communications on board ships, trains, airplanes and offshore platforms and are required either to increase operational efficiency, to recruit new personnel or to satisfy passenger demands and avoid churn. There are multiple challenges to run satellite links for maritime, offshore and mobility applications due to the fact that they are on-the-move or on offshore rigs and that they need to respect SWAP (size, weight & power) constraints due to the limited size of the platform itself.

Newtec brings the Satcom technology and experience to the table to tackle the challenges and provide the required throughput and QoS demands addressing multiple markets without compromises. You’ll take control over beam switching and business logics, as well as support bandwidth intensive applications and boost user experience.