Boosting Broadcast: How Newtec is Addressing Key Trends

Tuesday 24 July 2018


Boosting Broadcast: How Newtec is Addressing Key Trends

During BroadcastAsia 2018, our Broadcast Market Director Hans Massart spoke to Asia-Pacific Broadcasting to discuss how the broadcast industry is evolving and what technology broadcasters should be implementing to ensure success.


APB: Hans, can you share with us some of the key trends that you are talking about today at BroadcastAsia?

HM: During BroadcastAsia, we focused on newsgathering which has traditionally been done with large satellites and news gathering trucks operated by engineers. Recently, though, the trend is shifting towards kits from the cellular bonding industry which are more compact and easier to use. However, the cellular networks these kits use don’t always provide the necessary availability or throughput and this is where satellite is particularly beneficial. So, we are following how we can combine these two.

APB: What are the solutions that Newtec is bringing to us this year at BroadcastAsia?

HM: We demonstrated our Newtec Dialog® VSAT platform which basically creates an IP pipe in the sky. In addition to the terrestrial networks which are available, the satellite pipe increases the availability. This means satellite is always available and newsgathering crews can get the throughput they need in the field. Newtec Dialog can integrate these capabilities into the newsgathering kits from the cellular bonding kits with same ease of use and the same compactness.

APB: Today is the last day of BroadcastAsia – how has the show been for Newtec?

HM: The show has been very successful; we saw some interesting customers and expansion of projects.


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