Breaking Through the 500 MBPS Barrier: Watch Newtec Engineers Do It

Friday 7 September 2012


Newtec's quest to break through the half a gigabit barrier (part 2).

Join our engineers and watch how they worked through the night at the Eutelsat Teleport in Rambouillet (France) to achieve a remarkable record of 500 Mbps in a 72 MHz transponder. This test was done on request of the European Broadcast Union (EBU).

Testing was performed during the night in order not to disturb crucial daytime sport transmissions. A significant margin was taken in cloud cover conditions to ensure the tests were relevant for real-life high availability services in broadcast and telecom markets.

The test was carried out in several steps to validate different market application scenarios. In the two-way high speed backbone test, our engineers combined the Bandwidth Canceller and Next Generation modems (MDM6000 series) to achieve a staggering 506 Mbps (2 x 253 Mbps).

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