Globecast Cross Examines Dave Suffys on S2 Extensions, DVB Standardization, Satellite Interference and Carrier ID

Tuesday 10 December 2013


Jacques Andreou of Globecast South Africa put Dave Suffys, Sales Support Manager at Newtec, in front of a camera during the IBC 2013 show to ask him some in-depth questions on S2 Extensions, DVB Standardization, RF Interference and Carrier ID. They discussed topics like:

  • why an extension to DVB-S2 standard?
  • are S2 Extensions a software or hardware option?
  • migration path towards DVB-S2 Extensions?
  • how is Carrier ID implemented?
  • is Carrier ID designed to track people?

The idea was to use this video to share information with his colleagues back at the office, but we thank Jacques for sharing it.

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