Meet Quika - Interview with Talia's CEO & Quika founder Alan Afrasiab and Newtec's CEO

Friday 19 January 2018


Alan and ThomasAt CABSAT 2018, the Talia team has launched a new service: Quika including a package "Quika Free"; introducing the world’s first free satellite Internet service.

Quika wants to address a leading cause of economic and social inequality - the lack of communication infrastructure. With so much untapped potential, Quika empowers communities through the transformative educational, economic and social benefits that online connectivity can bring.

To share with you more insights, Alan Afrasiab, CEO of Talia and Founder of Quika was interviewed together with Newtec's CEO Thomas Van den Driessche; after our press release addressing the technical background.

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“Talia is a longstanding partner of Newtec and has always been at the forefront of providing its customers with high-speed efficiency and reliability. The purchase of this latest Newtec Dialog platform will see our cooperation move into a multitude of new services and we applaud Talia on its innovative market approach.”

Thomas Van den Driessche, Newtec’s CEO

Alan (Talia, Quika) and Thomas (Newtec)