DVB-S2X Demystified

Thursday 27 February 2014
DVB-S2X Demystified


On February 27th 2014 the DVB steering committee has approved the specifications for the new standard, called DVB-S2X.

Newtec, after many years of research and development, took the lead to put the topic of an enhanced satellite transmission standard on the DVB agenda, teaming up with other DVB Members in order to define and develop an update to the DVB-S2 standard. With the new standard published, we break down everything you need to know in the White Paper: DVB-S2X Demystified.

Our Industry Is in (R)evolution

When comparing the current DVB-S2 standard against the full implementation of DVB-S2X staggering efficiency gains up to 51% can be achieved for professional applications over satellite. When combined with Wideband an extra 20% can be added to the equation. For DTH networks up to 20% efficiency increase can be obtained. These gains already exceed the results by proprietary systems in the market today.

DVB-S2X Improvements

1. Smaller Roll-Offs
2. Advanced Filtering
3. Supporting Different Network Configurations
4. Increased Granularity in MODCODs
5. Higher Modulation Schemes up to 64/128/256APSK
6. Very Low SNR MODCODs
7. Linear and non-linear MODCODs
8. Bonding of TV streams
9. Additional standard scrambling sequences
10. Wideband Support

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