5G with Satellite - Delivering Resilience and Reach

4 June 2019 14:30 - 15:30

Evoluon Congress Centre, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

5G with Satellite - Delivering Resilience and Reach

Event: ITS European Congress 2019, June 4, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Type: Speaking Slot with Panel Discussion

Speaker: Andrew Faiola, Head of Mobility, Newtec

Topic: "5G with Satellite—Delivering Resilience and Reach"

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Deploying robust ITS services that work seamlessly irrespective of the users location – whether rural or urban - poses an interesting challenge for ITS connectivity. With 5G and new satellite constellations in the near future, along with the convergence of terrestrial and satellite technology, the provisioning of seamless connectivity on the move – in urban, rural and wilderness - will become a reality and pave the way for richer ITS services. 5G has the ambition to enable harmonious integration of heterogeneous networks whether terrestrial and satellite. It is forecasted that by 2025 around 27.2% of automotive use cases will use satellite connectivity. Through its global reach, satellite communication plays a key role in creating a seamless and affordable connectivity fabric for both infrastructure and vehicles. Such connectivity is sufficient for the deployment of essential ITS services such as emergency calls, fleet management, remote diagnostics and road tolling.


Andrew Faiola
Andrew Faiola

Head of Mobility

Andrew is currently Head of Mobility at Newtec, where he is responsible for the company’s strategy for aviation, maritime, and land mobile. Previously, Andrew spent 15 years at Intelsat, the world…
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