Advanced Newsgathering: Boosting SNG

24 April 2017 11:30 - 12:00

room N258, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA

Advanced Newsgathering: Boosting SNG

Event: NAB Show 2017, April 24-27, 2017, Las Vegas, USA

Type: Speaking slot 

Speaker: Hans Massart, Market Director Broadcast, Newtec

Topic: Boosting SNG

Conference Session: Advanced Newsgathering (Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference)

To cover live news events, camera crews deploy mobile solutions capable of transmitting video, voice and other services over a single multiservice communication link. This is possible by leveraging the power of IP. 

This link needs to be easy to establish, reliable and offer high network and service availability. Transmission can be performed over multiple networks simultaneously including 3G/4G, satellite Ka-band and Ku-band, etc.

When terrestrial transmission becomes contended, the satellite link needs to dynamically scale to higher bandwidths. In case of a satellite network only, bandwidth demand is driven by concurrency of services.
Current satellite technologies (MF-TDMA and SCPC) either do not support on-demand bandwidth or high efficiency/high bitrate transmissions adequately.

Switching between MF-TDMA and SCPC causes considerable satellite link outage, packet loss and sub-optimal usage.

New satellite technologies combine MF-TDMA flexibility at SCPC-like efficiencies. They allow on-demand variable bandwidth allocation, while guaranteeing efficient bandwidth usage at higher bitrates. New pay-per-use business models put broadcasters in control of own bandwidth management and expenses. They allow flexible change of service plans, without rebooting equipment, as well as fixed bitrate sessions, regardless of weather conditions. Deployment on both Ka-band and Ku-band infrastructure is accommodated.

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Hans Massart
Hans Massart

Market Director Broadcast

Hans Massart holds a degree in electrical engineering and a degree in business administration from the University of Leuven. He has more than 15 years of experience in the broadcast industry. …
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