APSCC: DVB-S2X Standard & Next Generation Networks

24 September 2014 17:30 - 24 August 2014 18:00

APSCC: DVB-S2X Standard & Next Generation Networks

Event: APSCC 2014 Conference & Exhibition, New Landscapes for Satellites: Asia and Beyound

Location: JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa, Thailand

Type: Presentation

Speakers: Dr. Peter Siebert, Executive Director, DVB Org. and Mario Querner, VP, Newtec

Topic: DVB-S2X Standard & Nexty Generation Networks

DVB-S2X Standard

Over the last 21 years the DVB Project has been instrumental in providing specifications for digital broadcast television. The majority of all digital broadcast receivers follow DVB specifications. Especially when it comes to satellite basically all equipment is based on DVB technology. This session will provide an update on the latest development on the current and next phases of Ultra High Definition in the Satellite Scene.

Next Generation Networks: You Can’t Predict the Future – But You Can Prepare For It!

Predicting the long-term market while investing in the most profitable option now is tough – but something satellite operators have to do more and more. While it might seem a daunting task, especially with relentless competition from fiber, keeping satellite services relevant is not difficult. All that is really needed is agility and flexibility.
Operators can no longer concentrate on one type of service and safeguard profitability.

The decline of high-speed IP trunking, for example, has certainly worried some service providers. Here too, however, agility allows them to thrive. Everything going on in the sky and on the ground means satellite will be relevant for a long time – be it in cellular backhauling, where terrestrial infrastructure cannot reach, or in communication on the move. So, be ready for the multiservice infrastructure era – it’s no longer about making many different choices but rather that one choice of a new, truly agile platform.


Mario Querner
Mario Querner

VP Asia

Mario has 25 years of international business experience in telecommunications and media working in Europe and Asia. Today, he leads the business activities for Newtec in Asia.  Prior join…
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