CEO Viewpoints: The Way Ahead - Yes-No-Maybe

17 June 2019 16:45 - 17:45

Four Seasons Singapore, Ballroom Foyer, Level 2 (190 Orchard Blvd, Singapur 248646)

CEO Viewpoints: The Way Ahead - Yes-No-Maybe

Event: Satellite Industry Forum, June 17, Singapore

Type: Speaking Slot with Panel Discussion, moderated by Gregg Daffner, CEO, GapSat

Speaker: Thomas Van den Driessche, CEO, Newtec

Topic: "CEO Viewpoints: The Way Ahead - Yes-No-Maybe"

Brought back by popular demand and taking into consideration what was shared in all the earlier sessions, this diverse panel unites industry executives for a high-level talk about the future of the satellite industry and the way ahead. Speakers will share their short- and long-term market forecasts of the satellite business, and cover expected/unexpected milestones, exciting new applications, potential unforeseen challenges and opportunities, and more!


Thomas Van den Driessche
Thomas Van den Driessche

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Thomas Van den Driessche holds a Master’s degree in electronics and marketing from the University of Ghent. Thomas started out as a Product Manager in the broadcast and AV market and was awarded s…
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