CommuniCast Myanmar 2014

18 November 2014 10:00 - 20 November 2014 18:00

Myanmar Event Park, Yangon, Myanmar

CommuniCast Myanmar 2014

With a population of 51.4 million people and an anticipated annual GDP growth rate of 7.2% through to 2022, Myanmar is expected to be one of the star performers following its fellow ASEAN member countries.

A poor infrastructure will however hold back on the available opportunities; in particular the telecommunications sector has been identified for immediate prioritisation.

The aim is to identify and initiate needed dialogue for the development of Satellite as a primary delivery mechanism for universal service purposes. The Myanmar Satellite Forum is a uniquely inclusive platform to address issues of urgent concern to government, enterprise, and consumer entities.


Keynote: Myanmar Ministerial Speaker
Round Table: Satellite Operators – a role for Satellite throughout Myanmar
Digital village: To connect villages with ICTs and establish community access points
Broadband: Offering opportunity to make rapid advances in social and economic development
Presentation: Government / Distant Learning/ Health
Economic & Social Sustainability
Cellular Backhaul – Increase coverage and reduce costs to meet demand for both voice and data services
Enterprise Services – Oil and Gas
Disaster Recovery
Satellite Manufacturers / Satellite Launch Providers

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