GVF Oil & Gas Communications - The Rio Meeting 2015

7 April 2015 09:00 - 8 April 2015 17:00

Windsor Copacabana Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

GVF Oil & Gas Communications - The Rio Meeting 2015

GVF Oil & Gas Communications – The Rio Meeting 2015: Big Oil, Big Data – The Deepwater Ocean Expanse brings the GVF-EMP Oil & Gas Communications Series to its 23rd event, and to the fifth annual conference in the global Series to address the communications networking imperatives of the Brazilian region of the global ‘oil & gas patch’. The continually strengthening rationale for a Brazil-oriented oil & gas communications event which is The Rio Meeting 2015, offers to the market an ICT-oriented dialogue at the crucial interface of an elevated demand for solutions by the energy vertical and the supply of those solutions from the communications, primarily satellite communications, industry. 

Key issues in today’s oil & gas sector are "Big Data", as well as M2M communications, and the arena of the "Internet of Things" (IoT). The relationship of these issues to the regional E&P communications and applications networking agenda will be prioritised at The Rio Meeting 2015 together with a range of other topic areas arising from the international energy environment and the wider global economy. Increasingly, oil & gas companies are aligning their upstream business processes with mobile technology, applying mobile applications to aid communication and workflow and fostering enhanced workforce productivity. The conference will investigate the implications for satellite communications with particular reference to high throughput satellite (HTS) advances. In all of this, HTS have been a game-changer. HTS is a satellite industry-wide innovation with the potential to break many satellite communications end-user verticals markets wide open to greater deployment of satellite-based solutions, particularly, though not exclusively, for the oil and gas sector.

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