Improving Satellite Economics Through Ground Segment Innovation

20 September 2017 12:30 - 12:50

8 Northumberland Ave, London WC2N 5BY, United Kingdom

Event: VSAT Global 2017, September 19 - 22, London, United Kingdom

Type: Presentation

Speaker: Thomas Van den Driessche, CEO, Newtec

Topic: "Improving Satellite Economics Through Ground Segment Innovation"

Join this Thomas' presentation to get insights on:

  • How to maximize the benefits of new High Throughput Satellites?
  • How to deal with the latest innovations (LEO, flat panels, …) and the unknown?
  • How do mobility, 5G and other markets get unlocked by these innovations



Thomas Van den Driessche
Thomas Van den Driessche

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Thomas Van den Driessche holds a Master’s degree in electronics and marketing from the University of Ghent. Thomas started out as a Product Manager in the broadcast and AV market and was awarded s…
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