Newtec Dialog for Broadcast

5 October 2017 13:00 - 14:00

PALCCO – Palacio de la Cultura y la Comunicación, Av. Central Guillermo González Camarena # 375, Residencial Poniente, Zapopan, Jal., C.P. 45136, Mexico

Newtec Dialog for Broadcast

Event: Broadcast Mexico 2017, October 5 - 6, Mexico

Type: Speaking Slot

Speaker: Ramón Ertze, Regional Sales Director, Newtec

Topic: "Newtec Dialog for Broadcast"

Fixed and mobile broadcasters are confronted with a proliferation of media formats, new broadcast transmission formats and delivery methods. This mandates flexible broadcast workflows, guaranteeing at the same time reliable content exchange in a cost-effective manner. Broadcasters are therefore looking for optimization of capacity usage, reliable automation of link setups, flexible workflow support, and a solution that can be tailored exactly to the needs of the broadcaster

Ramón Ertze, Regional Sales Director at Newtec, talks about trends and challenges in the broadcast market and how the Newtec Dialog platform is your future-proof solution.

Application noteAs broadcasts of news events are often unplanned and happen at remote locations, it is not always immediately clear which type of cost-effective IP connectivity will be reliably available for the duration of the coverage. To aggregate enough IP bandwidth to handle all of applications that the news crew requires concurrently, all available IP networks need to be bonded, whether they are 3G/4G, microwave, Wi-Fi, fiber, or Ka- or Kuband satellite. When terrestrial bandwidth becomes contended, the satellite link needs to dynamically scale to higher bandwidths.

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Ramon Ertze
Ramon Ertze

Regional Sales Director

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