SATELLITE 2014: DVB-SX: Evolving to Keep Pace with Change

12 March 2014 13:45 - 15:00

Satellite 2014, Room: 209AB

SATELLITE 2014: DVB-SX: Evolving to Keep Pace with Change

Event: SATELLITE 2014

Type: Panel Discussion


Moderator: Louis Zacharilla (Director of Development, SSPI and WTA)
Speakers:    Richard Bullock, Ericsson
                      Gerard Faria, TeamCast
                      Christopher Homer, PBS
                      Thomas Van den Driessche, Newtec
                      Thomas Wrede, SES

Topic: DVB-SX: Evolving to Keep Pace with Change

DVB-S2 over the past decade has become a workhorse of the satellite industry for distribution and contribution links. Can a good standard be made better. The answer is a clear "yes" when it comes to professional transmission via satellite and for consumer applications like DTH.

The DVB Project has concluded that the DVB-S2 specification also can be extended to include links with low SNR such as for mobile reception. The increased efficiency of DVB-S2 is needed by new applications like 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) transmission.

Combining a more efficient satellite transmission scheme with the new video coding scheme HEVC and the new UHD video format will enable new opportunities for the satellite industryOther relevant aspects are SNG links, video contribution, and non-broadcast applications like data transmission.

  • How will this wide range of applications benefit from the new specifications?
  • What new services will arise?
  • Will UHD be the next HD?


Thomas Van den Driessche
Thomas Van den Driessche

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Thomas Van den Driessche holds a Master’s degree in electronics and marketing from the University of Ghent. Thomas started out as a Product Manager in the broadcast and AV market and was awarded s…
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