Satellite 2015: Who Prevails in a Potential HTS Ecosystem War?

18 March 2015 10:15 - 11:30

Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Room: 201, Washington D.C., United States

Satellite 2015: Who Prevails in a Potential HTS Ecosystem War?

Event: Satellite 2015, 16-19 March 2015, Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C., United States

Type: Debate

Speaker:  Amongst other industry players Serge Van Herck, CEO Newtec

Topic: Who Prevails in a Potential HTS Ecosystem War?

The HTS theme is more mainstream than ever and continues its rise as the industry growth story. While the discussion of HTS vs FSS may still be relevant, the debate now shifts to “HTS ecosystems” and the various business models used to enable HTS-based service. A variety of HTS business models now exist, with many focused on specific applications, distribution types and a variety of orbits. As vendors vertically align themselves behind one or more of these models, the market appears poised for the next paradigm of competition. This forward-looking session includes companies driving the different HTS models and ecosystems and will answer a number of key questions: With HTS near ubiquitous, will we have a war of HTS ecosystems in the future? Should we expect a reshuffling of players across the distribution chain in each region? From GEO to MEO and now LEO; how are orbits defining high-speed services and target markets?


Serge Van Herck
Serge Van Herck

former Chief Executive Officer (CEO), 2006-2016

Serge Van Herck holds an electrical engineering degree from the University of Ghent and a MBA degree from the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School in Belgium. With more than 20 years of experienc…
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