Dirk Breynaert - Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) & Co-Founder

Dirk Breynaert

Dirk co-founded Newtec 30 years ago and is an expert in the field of modulation and RF. He was CEO until 2006 and has held the post of CTO since then, continuing to be fundamental to Newtec’s groundbreaking work in satellite technologies.

Whilst at Newtec Dirk has contributed to DVB and the creation of numerous satellite industry standards including DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-RCS and DVB-S2X. His drive and passion for great technology, combined with an excellent understanding of satellite technology, are still at the core of the innovation at Newtec three decades after he founded the company.

Breynaert was behind some of the first broadband ever to be delivered over satellite and early on realized that the industry would need a standard in order to have compatibility between different vendors whilst creating the critical mass needed to achieve suitable price levels for consumer markets. To begin with, he and Newtec worked with the early DVB-RCS standard, but quickly understood that the interests of many DVB-RCS players were diverging towards B2B as opposed to consumer applications, which made the standard too complex and too expensive.

With this in mind he boldly decided to create his own technology that combined performance with low cost. He and his team achieved this by combining existing technologies like DVB-S2 with groundbreaking new modulation technologies developed by Newtec, such as the 4CPM technique. These choices led to SES (former SES ASTRA), Europe’s largest satellite operator, selecting Newtec for its consumer broadband and there are now more than 130,000 terminals across the continent. Newtec’s satellite broadband technology is delivering connectivity in Europe (including Russia), Africa, South and North America and was introduced in the Philippines this year to help bridge the digital divide in the archipelago of 7,100 islands.

As CSO, Dirk continues to be integral to the company helping with the development of the most advanced new satellite technologies including Newtec’s new return technology Mx-DMA™, Clean Channel Technology® and Automated Equalink® to name a few (more via www.newtec.eu/technologies). He has also been instrumental in Newtec’s most important product release for some time – Newtec Dialog®, a multiservice platform combining different systems for multiple applications in one logical and easy to maintain entity.

Newtec Breaks Through the 500 MBPS Barrier: Watch Newtec Engineers Do It

In recent years Dirk has focused his attention on breaking down throughput barriers which have existed in the satellite industry for some time. As such, a simple test of a number of Newtec’s newest technologies with Eutelsat (but also with Intelsat and Yahsat) ended with quite an exceptional outcome when speeds surpassed a staggering 500Mbps. Watch the video here to find out about the record-breaking tests from Dirk himself.