Erwin Vandendriessche - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Erwin Vandendriessche

In January 2017, Erwin Vandendriessche joined Newtec as CFO, based in Sint-Niklaas and reporting to Thomas Van den Driessche. Prior to joining Newtec, Erwin worked for almost 20 years in the semiconductor industry, holding positions as CFO, General Manager and Strategic Development Officer at companies such as ICOS Vision Systems, CMOSIS and Excico. At the turn of century, he was board member of European Datacomm and later joined as Manager Business Development and CFO, where he got exposure to satellite business through partnerships with Orbcomm and Iridium. 

Before joining the industry in 1997, Erwin held several positions in corporate finance in the banking industry, with focus on technology. Erwin Vandendriessche holds a Master of Business Administration from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a Master of Science in Commercial Engineering of KU Leuven.