File Exchange Manager

Key features

The File Exchange Manager application is a versatile solution for the non-linear contribution, distribution and exchange of file-based digital assets.

  • Reliable point-to-point File Contribution
  • Reliable point-to-multipoint File Distribution using IP multicast
  • Transport-layer FEC and Lost Fragments Retransmission
  • Cross-Layer-Optimization technology for variable bitrate transmissions (e.g. DVB-S2 ACM)
  • Integrated Conditional Access System
  • On-the-fly channel encryption
  • Interface to Newtec’s SATLink Manager for session and resource management
  • Embedded SLA and QoS management
  • NMS/OSS/BSS integration using extensive open API
  • Central software & configuration management including over-the-air updates
  • Web-based GUI

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Main Advantages
  • Reliability
    • Highly reliable and guaranteed file reception
    • Encrypted transmission to ensure content privacy
  • Flexibility
    • Supporting wide range of applications and services on a single platform
    • Interoperability with any transport system: Newtec Dialog®, HUB6000, 3rd party SCPC/VSAT system or terrestrial/hybrid IP network
    • Versatile platform support
    • Integrated Management System for support of flexible workflows and hybrid connectivity
  • Scalability
    • Scales from small to large networks
    • Scales with the number of supported services and throughputs
    • Low upfront CAPEX requirements, invest as your business grows
  • Efficiency
    • Satellite-bandwidth efficient file exchange
    • Full utilization of available satellite capacity
    • Fully automated file workflows
    • Easy self-deployment and operation

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