MN411 Low Bandwidth Fast News Gathering TV - C Band

Key features
  • Fully integrated, easy to install turn-key terminal system
  • High speed IP connection with embedded acceleration
  • Integrated video encoder/decoders (max 3 decoders per SIT)
  • MPEG-4 AVC MP@L3 (4:2:0) Video Multimedia Exchange Services (MMX):
  • Automated interface with Multimedia Reservation Server (MRS)
  • Supports IP broadband unicast and multicast applications
  • Integrated encryption on sessions and data available
  • Secure Virtual Network Operation
  • Fully integrated VoIP services
  • Quality of Service (QoS) (dynamic & constant bit rate)
  • Remote monitoring, diagnostics, and software upgrade

This fixed terminal is intended for network members who need to send and/or receive  Fast News Gathering (FNG) services in a fast, reliable and cost-effective way. This terminal is compatible with the Multiservice Broadcast solution.

The terminal is also available in a Ku-band variant.

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