Newtec SATLink Manager

Key features
  • Allocation and reservation of satellite ground equipment and space segment through booking principle
  • Resource allocation based on session service characteristics
  • Manual, slotted and optimized bandwidth allocation
  • Multiple services supported on shared satellite capacity
  • Full automation of link setups/teardowns
  • Support for mesh and star based single and multiservice SCPC link topologies
  • Support for per reservation QoS and SLA definitions
  • Deployable separately or combined with 3rd party NMS system
  • Virtual Network Operator (VNO) support
  • Support for dynamic additions/removals/updates of space segment resources
  • Single hop and double hop session support
Main advantages
  • Multiple data + broadcast services support on single platform
  • Versatile modem portfolio support
  • Integrated Management System for support of flexible workflows and hybrid connectivity
  • Scales from small to large networks
  • Support for capacity pools over multiple transponders, frequency bands and satellites
  • Scales with the number of supported services and throughputs
  • Low upfront CAPEX requirements, invest as your business grows
  • Support for highly efficient modulation schemes, such as DVB-S2/S2 Extensions, DVB-S2X
  • Optimization of bandwidth allocation through optimal MODCOD selection and pooled capacity support
  • FlexACM® support

Fixed and mobile broadcasters are confronted with a proliferation of media formats, new broadcast transmission formats and delivery methods. This mandates flexible broadcast workflows, guaranteeing at the same time reliable content exchange in a cost-effective manner. Broadcasters are therefore looking for optimization of capacity usage, reliable automation of link setups, flexible workflow support, and a solution that can be tailored exactly to the needs of the broadcaster. Equally, telco service providers are confronted with the need for occasional link transmissions, i.e. for fiber restoration purposes. This requires an ad-hoc, reliable, automated setup of bidirectional IP links for a limited time.

Newtec’s SATLink Manager software module allows broadcasters and telco operators to efficiently manage the transmission resources and capacity, and at the same time guarantees error-free link setups by fully automating the satellite ground equipment. The satellite resource management capabilities and equipment automation of the SATLink Manager ensures bandwidth optimized, cost effective, permanent and occasional use transmissions.

SATLink Manager is defined as an optional module on top of the Newtec Dialog® system. The layered architecture of a full multiservice broadcast Newtec Dialog solution, combining the Newtec Dialog platform with the SATLink Manager, File Exchange Manager, and optional 3rd party NMS and OSS/BSS, ensures a flexible solution that is tailored to the specific needs of broadcasters and telco operators. SATLink Manager will, in combination with the Newtec Dialog system, support the scheduled setup of 4CPM, Mx-DMATM or SCPC based terminal and hub multicast circuits with dedicated QoS (CIR/PIR) settings.

Alternatively, the SATLink Manager can also be deployed in combination with a HUB6000 platform. This setup is typically used for the establishment of occasional high bitrate IP connectivity between remote locations and the central hub.

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