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NOP1900 / NOP1905 Multicast Software

Key features
  • Quick and easy integration
  • Supports multicast and unicast content distribution
  • Hardware independent design
  • Highly efficient channel and priority-based bandwidth management mechanisms
  • Comprehensive scheduling features
  • Central playout control
  • On-the-fly compression, forward error correction and encryption technologies
  • High Transmission Reliability, thanks to transparent content fragmentation, state of the art error correction algorithms and retransmission optimization.
  • High Bandwidth Efficiency, based on a flexible and dynamic multi sub-channel concept that shares bandwidth according to a priority scheme and a guaranteed bandwidth allocation mechanism.
  • Reduced Channel Cost. Content owners can select the most cost-effective distribution and return channel for each receiver and in case no feedback is required, the system also works without any return channel.
  • Content Protection assured by encryption algorithms, built-in conditional access and the support of hardware keys to ensure strict privacy.
  • High Degree of Automation. All transmission, content management and playout options are centrally managed from the server side and can be fully automated.

This product was formerly known as TelliCast and contains both NOP1900 Multicast Software Server and NOP1905 Multicast Software Client.


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