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NTC/3475.AB OEM L-Band to IF Frequency Converter

Key features
  • Agile L-band to 70–140 MHz Downconverter
  • High Gain
  • Output frequency switchable between 70 and 140 MHz
  • Ultra fine L-band frequency resolution (48Hz)
  • High linearity over the entire bandwidth
  • Low noise figure
  • Spectrum inversion is selectable
  • Wide input / output level range
  • Entire L-band frequency range ( 950 – 2150 MHz)
  • Can be locked to an external 10 MHz reference
  • Very low group delay variation
  • Wide band frequency flatness covering more than 72 MHz
  • Low in-band and out-band spurious
  • High reliability and modular flexibility
  • CE-label
Main Advantages
  • Reduce time to market
  • Easy integration
  • High compactness
  • Low cost

Available to third party manufacturers under OEM agreement.


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