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OD6000 Satellite Demodulator Board  should do the trick.

NTC/7072.AB OEM Satellite Demodulator Board

Key features
  • DVB-S / DVB-DSNG compliant
  • DVB-S2 compliant (CCM, single stream)
  • QPSK / 8PSK / 16QAM / 16APSK modulation schemes
  • DVB-S / DSNG: 1 to 45Mbaud
  • DVB-S2: 3 to 45 Mbaud
  • Dual L-band input
  • Automatic ModCod detection
  • Adaptive equalizer in DVB-S2 mode
  • LNB power and control
  • Monitoring and control via RMCP

The NTC/7072 board is a state-of–the-art professional DVB-S2 demodulator specifi cally designed for satellite distribution applications. The NTC/7072 operates in DVB-S, DVB-DSNG and DVB-S2. Available to third party manufacturers under OEM agreement, the NTC/7072 is the ideal cost eff ective solution for the demodulation of DVB-S/S2 carriers in IRDs, IP receivers, and Mobile or Digital Terrestrial TV transceivers.

The demodulator board is capable to demodulate an MPEG transport stream in DVB-S, DVB-DSNG and DVB-S2 up to 45 Mbaud. The NTC/7072 has a dual L-band input (950-2150 MHz). The active input is selectable and can provide DC power and frequency band selection signals compatible with most professional and commercial LNBs.

The demodulator board delivers an MPEG transport stream on a parallel output. To compensate for linear distortion in the transmission channel, the NTC/7072 is equipped with an adaptive equalizer in DVB-S2 mode.

The demodulator board provides a comprehensive range of monitoring and control functions. The monitoring and control is performed through an I²C or a TTL asynchronous serial link interface using the Newtec RMCP protocol.


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