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ZN461 LDPC Satellite Modem

Key features
  • Extended LDPC with wide range of block sizes
  • Data rates as from 1.2 kbps in both directions
  • Compatible FEC: Viterbi,TCM, Reed Solomon,TPC
  • Serial and 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interfaces
  • Automatic Uplink Power Control (AUPC)
  • Fastest acquisition time: 71 ms at 64 kbps QPSK
  • Lowest latency:<15 ms at 64 kbps ¾QPSK
  • 10 MHz reference input/output
  • Standard 70 MHz IF-band (50-90 MHz)
  • Optional 140 MHz IF-band (100-180 MHz)
  • Optional L-band (Tx: 950-1750 MHz) (Rx: 950-1900 MHz)
  • Optional internal BUC and LNB
Main advantages
  • Lowest OPEX thanks to highest bandwidth efficiency
  • Wide configuration flexibility
  • OPEX meets CAPEX, Efficiency meets value at low rates
  • Remote in-band management
  • Compatible with other modem manufacturers
  • Supports symmetric and asymmetric operations
  • Smooth migration path towards efficient satellite networks
  • High compactness
  • High versatility & flexibility

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